The Easiest Way To Eat Less Meat

I like meat, but I don't have to watch another documentary to know that I need to reduce how much of it I eat.

A few months ago, I tried to go totally vegetarian, and well, let's just say it didn't go too well (tofu and I are on a break). I was raised with meat at every single dinner, so I'm a bit clueless.

After my embarrassing failed attempt, I decided to ease myself into a less-meaty lifestyle. I didn't need to jump straight into the deep end. Instead, I was going to start with a couple of no-meat days a week and increase as I go.

I read that even reducing your meat intake by half would make a big impact on our environment.

This time I stuck to my plan, but I wasn't proud of my meat-free meals; they resembled what a picky toddler would eat. Pasta with butter and grilled cheese sandwiches are not substantial dinners. And I found myself craving sugar to fill me up. I wasn't eating meat, but it was a disaster!

I needed a better plan. I looked at some easy vegetarian recipes, but none of them looked like anything I could make. I didn't even know where to get some of the ingredients.

Then as a joke, I googled easy ways to become vegetarian. And to my surprise, I came across some really helpful reviews of people raving about the vegetarian plan from HelloFresh.

I'd heard of HelloFresh before from friends and colleagues saying how convenient and delicious their meal kits are. I had also seen their green box on my neighbor's doorstep a few times. It never looked like anything I would need, but that was before I knew they did a whole veggie box.

As I scrolled through their vegetarian recipes, my mouth started to water! Korean Vegetarian Bibimbap with Shaved Vegetables, Crispy Mushrooms, and Pickled Scallions stood out immediately, as well as Mexican Spiced Squash with Avocado, Quinoa, & Black Bean Salsa. I needed to try them both ASAP. I mean, why not? They were offering a pretty nice discount for new customers.

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HelloFresh was going to send all the ingredients for these amazing recipes to my doorstep, and all weighed out in the exact amounts I needed. I also could choose how many recipes I wanted each week and how many servings per recipe.

As quick as I could click, I ordered a veggie box with 3 recipes for 2 people. I was even able to pick a day that best suited me for delivery. And even if I wasn't home when the box arrived, all the ingredients would be packed with cooler packs, so it stayed super fresh on its delivery and on my doorstep.

My box arrived a couple of days after. I loved how every meal was packed into its own brown paper bag with all the ingredients inside. The first meal I tried was the Smoky Ratatouille with Goat's Cheese and Garlic Bruschetta. Looking at the food pictures, I started to doubt myself. How was I ever going to make anything that looked that good?!

I laid out all the ingredients and did exactly what the recipe card told me to do. And honestly--I mean it--in no time I was sitting down eating the best vegetarian meal I ever tasted. (At least one that I cooked myself!)

Months into using HelloFresh now, I can say every meal from HelloFresh so far has been delicious. They're super filling (AKA I'm not missing the meat), and the spices and sauces HelloFresh teaches you are absolute game changers. That's the biggest breakthrough I've had--if you season and sauce your veggies right, they taste like heaven.

I never knew veggie meals could ever be this satisfying or that I would be able to plate up a meal as delicious and healthy as these HelloFresh veggie meals.

What's even better is that you know the ingredients you are getting are the best. HelloFresh sources all of their food directly from the farmer for the freshest, quickest, and most environmentally-friendly way to get food on your table.

HelloFresh recently announced that they offset 100% of their carbon emmissions too, meaning they're putting in the extra environmental work while I do my part eating less meat. I can and will definitely support that.

Every week I can't wait to pick my veggie meals from the HelloFresh menu, and I'm still excited to cook them and try something new. Hellofresh has really opened my eyes to how easy it is to go veggie, even if it is just for a few days a week.

My veggie days are now my favorite days, something I never thought I would be saying!

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $80 off including free shipping on the first box!

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