I Was Skeptical To Switch My Cat From Clay Litters Until I Tried This

I accidentally became a cat lady.

My husband brought home a lonely kitten from a local construction site, to give to a shelter the next day. After a night of playing, we started referring to him as "Midnight" for his fur color, and we'd realized we'd named it and there was no going back.

Now, even my dish towels have cats on them. Our place is covered in cute cat stuff, but I'm also up-to-date on how to take care of Midnight; he's my first pet. Getting the right food was tricky (he's picky), so when I found out I might not be buying the right litter I was frustrated. Apparently clay litter is out and crystal was the way to go.

I buy the big bags of clay litter from the grocery store - I have a few brands I cycle between, but I usually just buy the one that's on sale. Midnight's young and healthy, and I was more concerned about buying good quality food he liked, than what litter to get.

But then I found some blogs talking about why clay isn't the best choice - it contains sodium bentonite, which expands when exposed to moisture. It's great for litter, but if Midnight drags some litter out, and licks his paws, the ingredient could expand in his digestive tract.

Safe & Healthy
Odorless & Pretty
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I didn't want to scare myself too much, so I put it out of mind, until a friend told me about PrettyLitter - it's a crystal litter (the other major option) that's cat safe, and claims to be odorless. She said she initially bought it because of its other unique feature - the crystals are made with a color-changing property (hence the name), so the crystals will change colors when they come in contact with your cat's urine to help detect illnesses.

She said she loved the peace of mind from being able to monitor her cat's health. Again, I knew Midnight was healthy, but clay litter was starting to make me nervous. PrettyLitter also requires much less litter - it only needs to be changed out once a month - you just scoop the poop.

It's delivered right to your door, and I really do hate carrying the cat litter bags to the car and into the house, so I thought I'd give it a try.

They have subscription options that are easy to cancel, and it was more expensive than my current litter (it's about $22 a bag), BUT if it really lasted the whole month, I'd actually be saving a lot of money.

When my first bag arrived, it was super lightweight! I very easily lifted it down to the basement litter pan. When I emptied it, I have to admit I loved the way it looked almost like sand - it was so white, and next to Midnight's fur, it was kind of amazing. I felt like such a cat mom taking a photo. Much more aesthetically pleasing than the old clump clay litter I was getting before.

After a few days, I noticed something when I was upstairs - there was no litter smell. Sometimes it drifts upstairs, and that's when I know I need to change it, but this time there was still no scent!

I'm switching to PrettyLitter full-time. It is super pretty, safer for Midnight, and odorless! I only notice a slight smell when I'm actually changing the litter. And it really does last as long as they say.

Now that I've found a litter brand I like, and a food brand he likes, I feel like I've finally settled into being a good cat owner.

Update: Our friends at PrettyLitter are offering our readers a very SPECIAL offer! Follow this link to get 20% off of your subscription today!

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