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Why I Only Wear This Life-Changing Underwear


Gentlemen, who’s tired of uncomfortable underwear that bunches and rides up? From sitting in the office to working out, I find that too much of my daily routine includes adjusting my boxers. I was getting by with those 3 for $10 boxer packs that I was buying at the grocery store and I’ve never thought to change that habit. Uncomfortable underwear has always been something I’ve accepted. Recently though, my roommate ran down the stairs and was going on and on about his new underwear. He even asked me to try them on myself. I declined but found myself on the SAXX underwear site.

While I was on their site I realized they’re $30 a pop, but after reading the positive (and hilarious) reviews, I decided to give them a shot. I read about their unique underwear technology (which I didn’t know underwear could have) like their “revolutionary” feature called the BallPark Pouch which is meant to keep the boys nestled down there comfortably. The underwear uses panels on the inside of the leg to reduce chafe, as well as construction that places the flat, softer side of the seam inward for superior comfort. I was looking for a pair that was lightweight and breathable, because I’m pretty active and get sweaty at the gym. There were a bunch of different types of boxers and briefs to choose from, but I ended up going with the Kinetic because of its moisture-wicking fabric and quick-dry features. 

When my package arrived (no pun intended), I was excited to see if my roommate was right about this “life changing” underwear. First thing I noticed was that they were super comfortable, soft and fitted. The compression material held everything in place and I never felt like I needed to adjust even when going for a run. I usually can't wait to get boxers off after a workout, but with SAXX, I am able to hang out in them afterward and not offend the whole room.

A problem I used to have with my underwear is that it always led to chafing, especially when being active. But with SAXX underwear, it’s no longer a problem. I really began to the notice the difference in quality and comfort when I threw on an old pair of boxers after trying SAXX.

My roommate was right, this underwear really is life-changing and worth the price. I’ve since ditched my 3 for $10 packs and have been filling my underwear drawer to solely SAXX. Plus, all SAXX underwear comes with a 100% comfort guarantee, which means if you don't love them, you can get a full refund. But trust me, if you’re ready to be more comfortable and chafe-free, you're going to love SAXX Underwear. Sorry ladies, they only make these for the guys. 

Update: The folks at SAXX are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get a pair of SAXX Underwear with their 30 day, 100% guarantee or they'll refund your order!