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9 YouTube channels for daily learning

By Lauren AguirreOctober 24, 2016

YouTube Pexels

Need a daily dose of learning? Here are nine interesting YouTube channels to add to your subscriptions. 


1. DNews

This channel comes to you from the Discovery Channel. New videos every weekday explain science myths and urban legends, space travel, dating habits, and any and all conundrums in the scientific community.

2. ASAP Science

These simple white-board style videos will bring you back to the classroom. Updated every week, ASAP Science gives you simple explanations for all kinds of scientific concepts.

3. How It's Made

Ever looked at something and wondered how it's made? This channel has your answers.


4. Crash Course 

From the vlog brothers, these short videos break down history (and science) in a way that's easy for anyone to understand.

5. Hip Hughes History

A former history teacher hosts this channel with more detailed explanations of specific historical events and trends.

6. Horrible Histories

From the BBC, these videos present history in a comedic way. Now you can learn while laughing.


7. Racked

Curious about fashion? This channel gives you updates in the world of fashion and explains questions you may have about standard practices.

8. Seeker Daily

This channel gives you the context to fully understand current events at home and abroad.

9. Vox

Vox explains current events as well as what's happening in music, movies, pop culture and fashion. Expect something new and different with each video.