Be careful this Independence Day — Fireworks caused over 11,000 injuries last year

By Lauren AguirreJuly 4, 2017


Fireworks and flag
U.S. flag and sparkler Pexels

Fireworks are an annual tradition in the United States to celebrate our Independence Day. They have been in use since the first anniversary in 1777. While fireworks can create beautiful and stunning effects, blowing up things is actually pretty dangerous. Because of this, firework-related injuries have become commonplace in the beginning of July. In 2016, fireworks were implicated in 11,100 hospital visits and caused four deaths. About 1,300 of those hospitalizations were from firecrackers, 900 from sparklers, 500 from Roman candles, and 400 from bottle rockets. Fun fact: boys aged 10 to 19 sustained the most injuries.