That's What She Said

"Have you ever thought about how your political views are impacting your relationships? Whether it be a romantic relationship, work relationship, or friendship; this topic can sometimes be a deal breaker.  I see a lot of people who post on Facebook or Instagram that they WILL NOT be associated with Trump supporters or they will befriend those who are supporters.  I understand the passion that goes with this particular topic of conversation because it most certainly is heavy.  That being said, I do not believe that this conversation should be brought up as an introduction or online with your Facebook "friends" or followers...

"Hi my name is Rachel, nice to meet you!  Oh by the way, even though I like you as an individual, if you're voting for so-and-so I can't be friendly with you."  Sounds weird in that context, ya?  Not only does this make someone uncomfortable, it's isolating.  You are now wrapped up in a little tiny box that only has people that agree with you (politically) in it.  Congrats!
I have a lot of friends that disagree with me politically and often bring up politics when we're out...  I will avoid the conversation completely, smile, and take a huge drink of my cocktail.  I don't do this because I am disrespecting their opinion, I do this because I respect my relationship with that person more than discussing what side of the street we stand on.

5 Ways To Keep Politics Out Of Your Relationships:

  1. Don't engage.  Simply move the conversation to a new direction and talk about something else.
  2. Don't talk about it at work.  Period.  It will always go sour and you will most likely be disappointed.  Keep work professional!
  3. Don't Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram your beliefs.  Keep those intense thoughts to yourself!
  4. Keep an open mind to people with different beliefs.  Our country is a mix of different people who all think different thoughts, respect someones choice to think differently than you.
  5. Listen to understand, rather than listening to respond.  Sometimes listening doesn't need any words, even if you disagree.  This is when you suck it up, smile, and cheers them!

I believe in America, our potential, and most importantly the men and women who fight for this beautiful place we call the United States of America."

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