President Obama designates 2 national monuments

1. President Obama designated two new national monuments in southern Nevada and Utah. The Bears Ears National Monument will protect 1.35 million acres in Utah. The Gold Butte National Monument will protect 300,000 acres in Nevada. Both areas have substantial rock art, archaeological sites, and sacred Native American lands. There’s been an increase of vandalism, grave robbing, and looting in the parks. The President’s executive action is in line with the 1906 Antiquities Act, which grants the power to establish or expand national monuments.

2. Some in Nevada and Utah aren’t too happy about it. There has been years of back and forth between the federal government, states, and land-owners over how much federal government regulates land in the West. Bundy brothers staged their armed standoff in Nevada two years ago. The protection would limit mining, oil and gas production in the area. According to officials, federal-regulated lands have slowed economic growth in the area. 

3. Is the Aniquities Act an old relic? Is enviromental and historic perservation just as important as ecnomic growth?

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