The Short of It

Why we’ll never see a gay, non-white Spiderman

By Chase WadeJuly 1, 2015


Actor Tobey Maguire at the premiere of Spiderman 2
Actor Tobey Maguire at the premiere of Sony's "Spider-Man 2" Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Here’s hoping you like your superheroes just like your Republican presidential candidates – straight, white and male – because those are the ironclad standards Marvel has set for its popular Spiderman character, per a leaked contract with Sony Pictures. The 2011 contract was included in WikiLeaks’ full disclose of the Sony hack along with almost 300,000 data files ranging from executive emails to sensitive financial data. The contract also prohibits Spiderman, usually portrayed as an angsty teenager, from participating in normal angst-laden adolescent activities like smoking tobacco, abusing alcohol, and having sex before the age of 16. Marvel: the entertainment industry’s first “helicopter parent” company.