The Short of It

President Trump orders airstrikes in Syria after chemical attacks

By Lauren AguirreApril 7, 2017


Trump Syria announcement
US President Donald Trump delivers a statement on Syria from the Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida, on April 6, 2017. Getty Images

President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike on Syria in response to Syrian President Basha Assad's use of a deadly chemical agent against his own people. The target of the airstrike was a Syrian air base. Trump announced the airstrike Thursday night from Mar-a-Lago. He said the strike was intended to deter future use of poison gas. "It is in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons," Trump said.

Some experts have expressed concern that the airstrike could exacerbate tensions in the region. Russia currently has ground troops in the area working with the Syrian regime to fight against the rebel factions. Russian President Vladimir Putin could take this action by the United States as an offense to his government's efforts.