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Eastern healing in the modern world

By Anie DelgadoJune 26, 2017

Eastern healing in the modern world 2

When you were little, you might have heard “you can be anything you want to be if you go after it.” I really feel like our generation took that to heart. Entrepreneurial in nature, I find that this generation is great at accessing a demand or a need for something and filling it. With the increase in healthcare cost and decrease in insurance opportunities, I find that more than ever, our generation is seeking alternative ways to care for themselves. In ways, we’re going back in time to home remedies and ails, but there’s a new element. Mental health. The generation before us often jabs us for being an overly emotional, over-reactive generation; however, I think that our empathy and growing compassion will help make the world a better place, but not without carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. This got me interested in the institution of energy healing and other Eastern practices that seem to be becoming more prominent in the Western world today. I spoke to psychic intuitive reader, Anna Toonk about the progression of this industry and she had some incredible insight.

Anna Toonk

Anna uses a number of healing modalities on her clients. Rather than relying on “hard definitions,” she says that she tries to customize her practice based on her discussions with the client and her intuitions on what they might need. Sometimes a client will come to her for a tarot reading, but between their discussion, Anna may find that a reiki healing may be a better option for the particular day. Anna told me that she got into reading and healing because she felt stuck in her life. One explosive tarot reading sparked a desire for Anna to devote more time and focus to metaphysical studies, so she studied tarot and took the 12 week soul mastery training class with one of the leaders in the field Lindsey Mack and soon later attended Delphi University of Metaphysical Studies for their in-depth channeling program and other classes. The road to becoming an intuitive reader was not a cake walk. Anna told me that “[she] had to ditch a lot of [her] old wounds, pain and ego in order to make room for a lot more compassion and kindness for [herself] and others.” Once she let go, she was able to use her wounds to teach and heal others.


Anna says that, “the biggest part of [her] work as a practitioner is being a cheerleader and instigator for that process & dealing with what surfaces as people go after it.” 

She truly believes that, “people are way more whole, worthy, and ready for all they desire then they are lead to believe,” and just need to voice their desires to see a big change.  A lot of her job is listening and guiding them in that direction. Speaking of desires, Anna explained to me that they are different than wants and her goal is to get the people she works with to express their desires. She says, “Desire is high vibe, want is low vibe, we all go through phases being ruled by the wants because we’re avoiding the desires. I get it, acknowledging desire can be life altering, we have to take a look at am I living, acting, making decisions in a way that supports this? Wants are a short cut and the junk food. I want to help people realize their desires, encourage and champion them because people only express .03% of them for a variety of reasons. People may say I want x, and I’m like yeah you can do better than that, pretend no one is listening, now tell me. It is always a lot bigger and bolder the second round and pretty much every time I watch their eyes, they have more life in them round two.”

A Generation of Feelers

I spoke to Anna about our generation. She agreed whole heartedly that we're seeing more interest in older Eastern healing practices than ever and it's no doubt because we are a more feeling generation. Anna said that she sees our generation being more expressive of our own pain, struggles, and self interest and more compassionate for the collective society’s problems. She says, “We can freely discuss trauma, or we’re trying to make this a more acceptable practice. We’re trying to dismantle some of the feelings that have served as emotional prisons for people like shame.” This makes us a more open generation and more willing to try new things. The juxtaposition, is the conflict between this openness and living in a world where we struggle to create organic connections in a world led by technology evloving “at a rate so rapid we all have whiplash.” This juxtaposition raises the perfect questions that older practices and wisdom can help with, bit Anna warns that we need to be patient. She gave me an example of a time that she went to herbalist Rochelle Eisenberger of Empress Herbs. She went to Rochelle seeking an elderberry formula to drink to remedy a cold. Expecting to be able to guzzle the formula and feel better right away, Anna was forewarned by Rochelle that a drop of elderberry is enough to affect a person’s pulse. Anna said this really put it into perspective for her and made her realize that a lot of these older practices require “respect, humility, and patience.” She thinks this will create the opportunity for us to learn to appreciate the little things more like “people, the earth, kindness, and nutritious foods.” Most importantly, she believes that it will help our generation learn stillness which will contrast and balance our overstimulated fast moving existence.

“Demystifying The Metaphysical”

I got this phrase from Anna’s colab with Alyssa Nassar Modern Mystic. I’ve had my tarot cards read and I still feel like I didn’t know what that meant or the legitimacy behind it. Anna says that, “Tarot is a system using 78 cards to access the intuition to facilitate self actualization, healing and awareness.” She said that often times clients will already know what’s going on but the cards will help them awknowledg their state. She says, “it is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana, the big and small mysteries and then breaks down again into archetypes, larger life themes i.e.  love, power, struggle, and situational influences to give a snapshot of where we are at.” Anna says she loves doing readings for those who are skeptical or have never had their cards read before because it’s fun for her to watch them realize the benefit of it.

Another commonly misconceived metaphysical practice is energy healing. Anna explained that it’s a broad term and it encompasses a vast variety of tools and methods to heal one’s energy. Reiki is a specific form of energy healing that uses one’s hands to do the healing. Even acupuncture is considered to be energy healing. If one is unsure of what they need but is drawn to energy healing, she recommends going with your gut. Energy doesn’t lie and it’s important to find a healer that you can be vunerable with. Their job is to facilitate your healing process so it’s important to find someone you click with.

Social Media

I was curious as to how social media played a role in the business of mystics. Anna told me it’s a great opportunity for her to show current and potential clients who she is. She said at first she tried to create a certain image but now she enjoys being exactly herself on it which means humor and “a healthy dollop of animals.” She also said it’s a nice way to measure your success and a wonderful way to meet new clients and partners and a great for people to contact her. Speaking of which, you can follow Anna on Instagram here or visit her website here. Anna will be teaching a practical spells and talismans workshop on July 9th, click here for more info. On July 27th, Anna will be teaching Tarot 101, an intro to using tarot cards, click here for more info.