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Will America Really Be Great Again?

By Kaila AllisonNovember 9, 2016

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How do presidents live up to their campaign slogans? It's a simple tagline or mantra that becomes indoctrinated into the minds of Americans throughout the campaign season and beyond. Here are some of my favorites since America's conception. 

In 1924, Calvin Coolidge kept it cool: "Keep Cool With Coolidge." As our 30th president, he calmed down Americans who were going crazy with spending during the Roaring Twenties. He even had a term named after him: "Coolidge Prosperity".

Dwight Eisenhower's slogan, "I Like Ike," in 1952, was another sign of coolness. As a president with an outstanding military career but who had never voted until he cast his first ballot (as President), he was a likeable guy indeed. Not only did he present an iconic image, but he spoke with confidence and charm that inspired Americans. 

Another winner was Jimmy Carter in 1976, whose slogan was, "Not Just Peanuts." No, Jimmy, much more than just peanuts. Who could forget that one-of-a-kind smile?

Now that brings us to our latest president, Donald Trump. "Make America Great Again" has been ringing in our ears for ages, and now it's time for Trump to deliver. Can he, is the question. With policies to reform healthcare, taxes, and create a huge burst of new jobs, it's certainly possible, if not improbable. I can't help but wonder what period of time Trump was referring to when America was first great. Was it the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Was it the Roaring Twenties? We can only imagine what kind of greatness Trump will enact for America.