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America's New Reality

By Kaila AllisonNovember 9, 2016

Trump1 Getty Images

Against all odds, Donald Trump pulled through and pretty soon, we'll all be calling him Mr. President. For those of us that have made it through this intense, vicious, and often, frightening campaign trial that many times resembled a reality show, in all seriousness, America has a new reality to face.

Those that thought he couldn't go from CEO to Commander in Chief are now biting their tongues. I used to watch Trump on his hit show The Apprentice, and admired his hutspah, along the lines of chef Gordon Ramsay. Their drive was too harsh for some, yet just the very inspiring push that others needed to succeed.

What will a Trump presidency mean, beyond The Apprentice, and beyond the political banter that's swept the nation into a totally different reality? It will mean that America will have to buckle down, and Trump will be held to his claims. He says he's going to make jobs. Let's see some jobs. He says he's going to build a wall between the U.S. and China. Let's see the wall. 

America has a new reality to face, one in which a Republican is back in office, and the nation has been divided on his controversial policies. But talk is one thing. The show is another thing.