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Giraffes vulnerable to extinction, Amazon Go store opens and more to talk about

By Lauren AguirreDecember 9, 2016

Giraffe Derek Keats/Flickr


Giraffes are facing "silent extinction" as their population shrinks nearly 40 percent in just 30 years. The world's tallest land animal is now on the worldwide list of threatened and endangered species. Giraffes are categorized as "vulnerable."


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Amazon, the online shopping giant, is opening a brick and mortar grocery store. It's called Amazon Go. Customers will be able to walk into the store, pick up their items and leave without having to check out. Specialized sensors in the store detect which items shoppers have picked up and their Amazon accounts will be automatically charged for them when they exit the store.


Twitter's iOS app experienced a small change Friday, but it was quickly rolled back. The change altered how replies on the social media site work. The "@" symbol before a username was no longer required. Instead, the text "replying to" appeared above the tweet. Twitter said the change was an experiment that was "accidently" went out to iOS users.