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Look who's back (it's Hillary)

By Matt ClibanoffMay 3, 2017

Women for Women
Women for Women Ben Gabbe

This week, Hillary Clinton took a break from wandering around the woods or whatever it is she’s been doing for the past 4 months, to talk about her presidential campaign. During a Women for Women International event, Clinton said she “takes absolute personal responsibility” for losing the race.  At the same time, she doubled down on her accusations of Russian interference and pointed to October 28th, the day Jim Comey’s letter came out, as the day that cost her the election. If this sounds oxymoronic, it is. The apparent thesis of Hillary’s reemergence was this: “Had the election been on October 27th [she] would be your president.”

With regard to Russia, it seems that Clinton has been infected with the same paranoia as her hardline supporters. During her talk, she brought up the Podesta emails and the coincidence that they leaked on the same day as Trump’s discussion with Billy Bush, saying, “You just can’t make this stuff up,” the implication being that Russia leaked the emails as a way to divert media attention. Despite that event occurring on October 7th, Clinton blames “the intervening events of the last 10 days (before the election)” for her loss. Hillary, along with the majority of the DNC, has perpetuated this narrative ad nauseam since November.


“Had the election been on October 27th [she] would be your president.”

Hers has become the story of a supremely qualified woman taken down by an intergovernmental conspiracy. While there’s no concrete evidence that Russia influenced the election, there’s no evidence that they didn’t, and that’s good enough for the DNC. On top of this, Trump’s campaign, its sexism and xenophobia sometimes bordering on cartoonish, has also served to further the narrative that our political system was rigged against Hillary from the beginning. Despite the fact that she’s basically been in hiding, her clout has risen to stratospheric levels in the past six months. At this point, Clinton’s most fervent supporters view her as being above criticism.

On the one hand, this line of thinking absolves the DNC of any responsibility for losing the election. The other side cheated. The Democrats never had a chance. Instead of a shift towards more progressive policy, inertia will remain the foundation of the Democratic Party. Trump winning has also given the DNC an excuse not to campaign as hard in rural areas, something Hillary didn’t do very well. The logic is as follows: With Trump’s victory, America has proved itself to be a racist, backwards nation; the kind of country that votes for a man who openly brags about sexual assault. No matter what the DNC does in those regions, they’ll never get the support of the people who live there. They’re either rubes, too stupid to see that Russia is working with… Trump? The RNC? Or racist, sexist, homophobic…etc.  Clearly, despite Bernie Sanders’ overwhelming success in the Rust Belt, more progressive policy won’t work on the US’s rural poor, who overwhelmingly turned to Trump rather than Clinton. Why acknowledge that they only did this after NAFTA destroyed their livelihoods when it’s so much easier to just call them racist or sexist or any other buzzword that Democrats use to galvanize college campuses?


At this point, Clinton’s most fervent supporters view her as being above criticism.

On the other hand, the adversity that Hillary faced during the campaign has given her a platform with which to regain her political footing. She has declared herself a “part of resistance.” Since she holds no political office, no one is sure what this really means but it probably has something to do with calling Trump Voldemort on Twitter or something equally flaccid. Maybe “the resistance” is getting paid to make corporate speeches to Goldman Sachs. It’s all pretty unclear.

As it is, Hillary Clinton remains a hero, unfairly and unjustly denied the presidency by a patriarchal system that forced her to vote for the Iraq war and to be openly racist in the 90s. Let’s not forget that she is also a victim of the Electoral College, the centuries-old organization we use for all of our presidential elections. When she aptly reminded her audience that “[she] did win more than 3 million votes than [her] opponent,” the room burst into righteous applause. Never mind the fact that we live in a representative democracy, Hillary should be president right now. Russia and a rigged system robbed her of this election. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

No, it’s not ironic that she’s leaning on the Russian conspiracy considering there is actual documentation showing that the Democratic Party conspired against Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Why would you even suggest that? Either way it doesn’t matter. What matters here is that Hillary should have won. She deserved this election. Though her campaign had its flaws, it’s always important to remember: Hillary was a victim who has no responsibility for any of her actions during in her 35-year career. From her involvement with state sponsored death squads in Honduras to the attacks in Benghazi we can all be sure of one thing, it’s definitely James Comey’s fault that she lost. After the last few months under Trump, Hillary coming out and publicly speaking her truth is exactly what our country needs. Thank you Mrs. Clinton, we cherish and appreciate you.

[Editors' Note: The above contains solely the opinions of the author.]