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Dear White Man,

By Alex ChangNovember 9, 2016

Donald Trump President
By Michael Vadon - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Dear White Man, 
Tell me about your pain
Tell me about your alienation
Tell me about your anger

Dear White Man,
Tell me about who took your country
Tell me about how things used to be
Tell me about how scared you feel

Dear White Man,
I'm sorry for scaring you
I'm sorry that you feel foreign
I'm sorry that your job went overseas

Dear White Man,
I understand your pain
I understand your alienation
I understand your anger

This is how this country was designed for us
I hope you can understand now how we feel
And with your empathy perhaps we can now grow
To a land for both of us to cherish

Instead of hiding and buckling to fear
Instead of blaming us and shaming us
Instead of shouting at us and berating us
The future is dim, but it is not dark

Editors Note: Disclaimer this poem is of the opinions of its author, and it does not represent the views of The Liberty Project.