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4 affordable bluetooth headphone options

By Lauren AguirreOctober 10, 2016

Headphones Pexels

Apple's new Air Pods will be released later this month. Here are a few alternatives if you don't want to drop $150 for a decent pair of wireless headphones. All these options will run less than $30.

1. DoStyle 

Still want the Apple feel? These bluetooth earbuds are shaped just like Apple's wired headphones and the new Air Pods. They also have noise-cancelling technology. DoStyle headphones come in white and black.


2. LanBaiLan 

If the traditional Apple earbud shape never quite worked for you, try these in-ear ones. These Lanbailan wireless earbuds are made for sports, so they'll stay secure in your ear in many situations. They have noise-cancelling technology, volume buttons and you can accept or reject phone calls with your voice.


3. Ecandy

Want over-the-ear headphones? Ecandy bluetooth headphones come in several colors, are foldable for travel and even come with an optional aux cord to listen to anything with a traditional wired connection.


4. Vomercy

Vomercy is another over-the-ear option. These headphones also fold for portability and have an option aux cord. But its battery has a lot of power. It will last through a long day and allows over 100 hours of standby time.