Uber's newest scandal

By J.A. HaglFebruary 20, 2017


Uber user
Uber user Adam Berry/Getty Images

1.Uber is under fire, again. This time it’s for a sexual harassment scandal. Engineer Susan Fowler wrote a detailed blog post exposing several sexual harassment incidents, including being propositioned on the first day. According to Fowler, rather than addressing the situation, the HR department gave her two options: leave the team or stay on the team and possibly receive a negative performance review. Fowler left the team, but her HR reports didn’t stop. At one point, her harassment reports affected her positive performance review so much so she was no longer eligible fro Stanford CS graduate program sponsored by Uber. She left the company in January 2015.

2. This isn't Uber’s first ethical scandal and it’s affecting Uber's reputation as innovative tech company  In 2014, Uber was accused of spying on customers. Senior vice president of business, Emil Michael suggested finding and spreading personal information of a female journalist. CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from Trump’s business advisory council. Uber also broke a taxi work’s strike against immigration polices in New York. Uber hired former attorney general Eric Holder to investigate Fowler's allegations of sexual harassment.

3. So, is Uber making change for the better?

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