Should we keep Daylight Saving Time?

By Lauren AguirreMarch 10, 2017


1. We will switch over to Daylight Saving Time this Sunday, March 12. DST was originally implemented during World War I and again after the United States entered World War II to save energy. The rationale is that by extending the daylight hours into the evening, less energy will be consumed. It is a tradition we have kept up until today.

2. However, more and more Americans think switching to DST isn't worth the hassle. Most people do feel worse in the few days following the time switch because they've essential "lost" an hour on the clock. Even losing an hour of sleep can mess with your sleep cycle. Additionally, it turns out that DST doesn't actually save us much energy. It only reduces energy consumption by about .03 percent. That's basically nothing.

3. So should we keep Daylight Saving Time?

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