Should the U.S. rely so heavily on racial profiling?

By Lauren AguirreMarch 20, 2017


1. Over the weekend, a former deputy police chief claimed that he was detained at JFK International Airport early this month simply because of his name. Hassan Aden had spent 26 years with the Alexandria Police Department before becoming chief of police in Greenville, North Carolina. He retired from the force in 2015. Aden was returning from Paris on March 13, when he was held in the airport for 90 minutes. Aden is not Muslim, but he said policies like President Trump's travel ban could lead to authorities being suspicious of him just because of his name.

2. Meanwhile, law enforcement officials say using racial profiling is just another tool in their arsenal to keep everyone safe. There are some stats to back up specific genders and races are more prone to committing different kinds of crimes. Often, a person's race, name or gender is used in combination with other factors and evidence to determine whether the person is a danger.

3. So, is racial profiling a good tool for law enforcement?

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