Should Republicans draft Obamacare replacements in secret?

By Lauren AguirreMarch 3, 2017


1. House Republicans are drafting legislation that could eventually replace Obamacare in secret. The closed door meetings began after a very early draft of the bill leaked to the public. Republicans received criticism from the right for that draft because it looked too similar to the Affordable Care Act. Draft bills are not typically released to the public until they are discussed by the committee that has jurisdiction over the matter at hand.

2. However, many members of the public and some other senators and representatives are demanding that House Republicans release their draft. In order to have an open debate on the topic, everyone needs to see what the current version of the bill entails. Senator Rand Paul has been the most vocal on this topic. "“We're here asking for a written copy of this because this should be an open and transparent process," he said Thursday.

3. So, should Republicans continue to draft health care legislation in secret?

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