North Carolina, Mississippi criticized for bathroom laws

By Lauren AguirreMay 2, 2016


Trump Tower
Cailtyn Jenner used the women's bathroom in Trump Tower to protest bathroom laws. Hypeline News/YouTube

1. North Carolina and Mississippi have recently enacted laws that would require residents to use the bathroom that matches their gender at birth. Supporters, including Republican candidate Ted Cruz, say these laws are necessary to protect citizens from “predators” who might use open bathroom policies to harm others. Many argue that these policies are “political correctness run amok."

2. In response, Paypal has halted its plans to open offices in North Carolina, pulling 400 new jobs from the state. Target recently announced that its stores will be adopting an open bathroom policy. Caitlyn Jenner protested the laws and Cruz’s statements by using the women’s bathroom in Trump Tower. Trump has said the bathroom laws are unnecessary. The American Civil Liberties Union says there is no statistical evidence of violence in bathrooms, as supporters are claiming.

3. So, are these bathroom laws necessary?

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