How much privacy are we willing to give up with the Internet of Things?

By Lauren AguirreJanuary 5, 2017


Amazon Alexa
Amazon Echo Ken M Erney/Flickr

1. Arkansas law enforcement officials are seeking information from Amazon in connection to a homicide. Bentonville police found the body of Victor Colins inside the home of James Andrew Bates in November. Upon discovering that the house was connected to several Internet of Things devices, police obtained a warrant to gain access to information gathered from Bates's Amazon Echo. 

2. Amazon has refused to give up any information to Bentonville police. Amazon's smart home Echo devices are always listening, but the device only begins recording your voice when it hears the "wake word." Amazon doesn't have a lot of transparency in explaining how the device listens or what information is ultimately stored on its servers. These issues are likely to show up again, especially with the release of Google Home.

3. So, how much privacy are we willing to give up with new technology?

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