The great divide: Can a Muslim be President?


Ben Carson and Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump looks on as Ben Carson speaks during the presidential debates at the Reagan Library in September. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

1. A Muslim? As President of the United States? No way, says a handful of GOP primary election front runners. The conversation began when Donald Trump failed to correct an audience member who labeled President Barack Obama a Muslim during a Q&A session. As a result, more GOP candidates started to field questions regarding Muslims and the presidency. Ben Carson found it inconsistent with the Constitution, while Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal called the questioning absurd.

2. Hilary Clinton was quick to get ahead of the issue, tweeting "Can a Muslim be President of the United States of America? In a word: Yes. Now let's move on." Bernie Sanders echoed her sentiments. Of course, with its No Religious Test Clause, the United States' Constitution is on top of it.

3. So, is this a non-issue? Or do some presidential candidates need a class in Constitution:101?

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