Congress members avoid public town halls

By Lauren AguirreFebruary 21, 2017


1. Congress is in recess this week. Typically, this is a time for representatives and senators to meet with their constituents. But many Congress members have decided not to travel to their home districts and are refusing to set up town hall meetings to hear from the people they represent. Some representatives are even out of the country. This has frustrated and angered some citizens. In Colorado, some people have even organized a town hall of their own and invited their senator to attend. He turned down the invitation.

2. For many of these senators and representatives, protests are a factor in deciding not to host in-person town halls. Several progressive protests were planned around town hall meetings. Instead of visiting in person, some Congress members are hosting teleconferences or video chats. They claim this is for safety and also to have a real conversation with their constiutents that isn't drowned out by protests.

3. So, are Congress members obligated to host in-person town halls?

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