China wants to resurrect the Silk Road

By J.A. HaglMay 15, 2017


1. China has big plans for the Silk Road. Yes, that Silk Road you learned about in your world history class. China hopes to recreate Marco Polo’s trade route to reconnect Asia and Europe for trading purposes. President Xi Jinping is going to trade in the camels and caravans for a network of $1.4 trillion modern trading routes that includes roads, a high-speed rail, airports, and pipelines. Jinping hosted the “Belt and Road,” a two-day summit with 28 heads of state.

2. The new Silk Road would involve 60 countries and shift the world’s economic structure. The trade route would cut through countries with 70 percent of the World’s population, 75 percent of energy reserves and 55 percent of global economic output. The economic shift would also impact the geopolitics of the world, shifting the economic power to Eurasia and possibly helping to stabilize Some Middle Eastern countries.

3. So, is the new Silk Road just ambition or the future of world economics?

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