Charging Bull's artist wants the Fearless Girl removed

By J.A. HaglApril 13, 2017


1. On International Women’s Day, a statue of a little girl was placed in front of Manhattan’s famous Charging Bull. Commissioned by firm State Street Global Advisors, the Fearless Girl 's purpose is to direct attention to the lack of women leaders on Wall Street. The statue’s permit has been extended through 2018. 

2. The artist behind the Charging Bull, Arturo Di Modica says the Fearless Girl changes from the message of his art, which is meant to represent strength and prosperity. Modica and his lawyer see the use of the bull accompanied by the girl as copyright infringement. Mayor Bill Blasio tweeted in support of the Fearless Girl.  "Men who don’t like women taking up space are exactly why we need the Fearless Girl." Although a lawsuit hasn’t been filed, he is preparing to fight for its removal.

3. So should she stay or go?

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