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La La Land doesn't win best picture, Blackberry returns and more to chat about

By J.A. HaglFebruary 27, 2017

Oscars-Moonlight Getty Images


If Steve Harvey had been at the Oscars, he would have felt better about his little Miss Universe slip up. Warren Beatty presented La La Land with the best picture award like expected. Except, La La Land didn’t win. Moonlight won the Oscar for Best Picture. Beatty was given the wrong envelope—one that read Emma Stone— and it took about 60 percent of La La Land’s crews’ acceptance speech for the Academy to correct the situation. Cue all of the Steve Harvey memes because how awkward is that. Don’t feel too bad for La La Land— the movie received six Oscars of the 14 nominations. La La Land director Damien Chazelle, 32, is the youngest person to ever win best director. Also, Viola Davis is the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy, and Tony. Even more shocking than Beatty Steve Harvy’ing, Suicide Squad scored one Oscar for best makeup. Jokes on us.


The New York Times teased their “The Truth” ad earlier this week on a billboard in New York and a full-page ad in the paper. The 30-second spot aired during the Oscars, the paper’s first TV spot since 2010. Trump denounced the ad pre-air, which ironically caused the ad to trend on Google.


Kurt Busch pulled away on the final lap to take the checkered flag and win his first career Daytona 500 Sunday. It was the Daytona to win for Busch, since multiple accidents shook the balance on the track. In case you didn’t hear, Draymond Green verbally kicked Paul Pierce, by informing him he wasn’t good enough for a Kobe-style farewell. Eight hours later, Pierce reminded Green of that 3-1 lead the Warriors managed to lose in the 2016 Championships. But Golden State just clinched their playoff spot and now they’re the fastest team to get a playoff spot in history.

Vancouver Canucks are suffering from the mumps, one player has the illness and other’s are presenting symptoms. Locker rooms are all the same.


Blackberry, oh Blackberry. Earlier this month, Nokia announced the comeback of the 3310. Now, Blackberry is teaming up with Android and TLC to create a smart phone with both touch features and a physical keyboard. Talk about early 2000s nostalgia.


You can get candy, soda, cupcakes and now you can get a pie from a vending machine. Like honest to goodness, granny-could-have-made-this-pie pie. Texas company Berdoll Pecan Farm operates a 24-7 fresh pecan pie vending machine just outside of Austin. You can get a whole 9-inch pie for $20 a 2 a.m. if your heart desires. All of my wildest dreams have come true.